Lines and lines and lines and lines

How gay is the book of Genesis?

Intolerant pleb

Overheard conversation... #4

Anski updateski onski myski campaignski

I only have pies for you

Screw Mr Scruff, get yerself some electric toys and heroin Britney instead

Save Takuma Sato!

Tripping Yellow Madness, a death hole and "What in Pete Sampras is going on heaaaw?"

Overheard conversation... #3

Life, the Sanctiverse and everything

Insanity Prawn Boy

Fundamentalists rule (but only 31% of the time)

Bromley and the aloofness of Dracula

W gets it right

Oooh...klahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain

Aren't eyes brilliant?

Can you please knob down the volume on your telebox?

Come and see me DJ on June 8th instead of wasting your money on a creatively bankrupt film franchise


Weebl & Bob pimp kudos joy

If my corneas melt, blame Starflyer 59

Aliens have invaded my blog. Sorry.

Bill Drummond is going to be at Greenbelt...

Overheard conversation... #2


A tribute to my dead phone

William, it was really nothing (well about 30 seconds)

Chiquita safetyadvil law biology: spam as poetry

Formula One Losers League

Cord thanks blah love you blah lovey darling

Overheard conversation...

Pete Doherty takes drugs no really yes really

What I'm listening to at the moment

My New Year: pub, Gorman, egg, pi