Feb 6, 2009

Dear James Blunt: a reply

I wrote a letter to James Blunt proffering my expert advice on how he could improve his career prospects.

I got a reply.  And honestly, I feel like I've waited for my hero, autograph pad in hand, through rain and cold, and upon arrival he's just swished past into the stage entrance without a by or leave.

Dear Fat Roland,
Unfortunately due to James busy touring schedule he is unable to reply personally, however all messages will be passed on to his house for him to read on his return.

Kind regards,
Twenty-First Artists.
So he has my advice. His cleaner is probably reading it. Apparently he's travelling across Mexico on a horse at the moment, but I see he's due to play Moscow, so I hope he'll stop by his Ibizan pad to pick up his messages some time next week.

Read my Dear James Blunt letter.  Any ideas on what he'll say?  Personally, I think he'll be delighted.  Post your thoughts in the comments.


Tim Footman said...

"Hello, 21st Artists, it's James here. Were there any messages while I was away, touring, busily?"

"Just some bloke who wanted to cut off your knob with nail clippers."

"Oh, nothing out of the ordinary then? Hey, wanna see my synth?"

Fat Roland said...

That furious tapping you can here is James Henry's typing that up into a hilarious sitcom.

Fat Roland said...

*Hear* Crikes. It lucks like I've lost the ability to right.