Feb 14, 2009

There are Clark EPs at the bottom of the Garden

Fuzzy techno funster Clark will be hurling up some new material next month, and billions of electronica heads await with nervous, wringing hands.

His four albums have set him up as one of the most mouth-wateringly smashing electronic artists of this decade, so I wouldn't be surprised if Christopher Clark was St Alban's most important export since... er... hold on...  [flicks through a tatty old book about English cities] ... I wouldn't be surprised if Christopher Clark was St Alban's most important export.

The new EP is called Growl's Garden, and Warp Records will unleash it to the world on March 23rd.  The artwork is plastered above.  Clark promises "club tracks", which is very un-Clark, and a "vocal line", which is also very un-Clark.

Will it work?  See what you think of this live Growl's Garden snippet recorded some months ago at a gig in the Polish town of Cieszyn, whose most important export is, incidentally, beer and sweets.


Björn with dots over the o said...

I absolutely love this guy. It's unhealthy how much I've listened to his records. Can't get enough and I can certainly not wait for Growl's Garden.

While I'm on it.. you don't happen to have any gossip about Jackson?

Fat Roland said...

'Sgood, innit, Björn? I'm not sure which Jackson you mean, so I'll keep my bases covered:

(a) I have no gossip about Jackson And His Computer Band.

(b) The only gossip about Michael Jackson is he's auctioning some of his stuff to raise money.

Björn said...

Rob da Bank played Growl's Garden this monday on radio 1

chek it out

Fat Roland said...

Crikes. Good spot!

Björn said...

Here's a radio rip of Gonk Roughage for you
sounds a bit messy with all the radio compression though
and that drugged hostess is weird