May 28, 2009

Harmonic 73: Prefuse goes all oversensitive on us

Okay, you've got Prefuse 73's scatter-gun beat collection Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian. What next?

Well, quite a lot as it happens. Mr 73 is also a part of Diamond Watch Wrists, a collaboration with members of overblown rock lizards Mars Volta and Hella (their album Ice Capped At Both Ends is out now). He's also teamed up with a Catalan singer Eva Puyuelo Muns for his latino-tickled Savath y Savalas moniker.

And so to this week, when Prefuse 73 releases an EP The Forest Of Oversensitivity. Prefuse is quite happy for you to have music for free, and he has given permission for track Preparations Kid's Choir to be given away here. Yes. He's given permission. Take note, Blogger Big Brother.

The five tracks on The Forest Of Oversensitivity are ethereal remixes of Ampexian album cuts. It's either melancholic harmonics with choir voices sliding down the speakers like melted Dali clocks, or old-P73 click-hop that we've come to know and love. Buy it from Boomkat (digital or vinyl only) here.

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