May 12, 2009

Hungarian cattle explosion: comparing Venetian Snares

Shall I compare Venetian Snares to a summer's day? He art less lovely and less temperate. Rough winds do shake from his bassbins of doom.

Bill "Will-I-Am" Shakespeare was a massive fan of percussion destructionist Venetian Snares, and no doubt has bought his latest album Filth on the basis of my li'l preview back in March.

Here is what other blog-botherers are saying about the album.

Tiny Mix Tapes lauds Filth as "the most accessible Venetian Snares record he has released since the critically lauded Hungarian album" and claims Mr Venetian Snares "is to Pendulum what Eminem is to Asher Roth." I'm not too sure who Asher Roth is, but guessing from the simile, his his teeth glint more than the Olsen twins' cold, glassed-over eyes.

Noiz says Filth is "interesting", while Alt Sounds finds the album "more confusing than chinese writing"and challenges you to "try dancing to this album without looking like a complete and utter mental."

The Sonic Minefield has a way with words which could earn them a Fat Roland badge of honour.  The site declares one beat "donk worthy", while another is a "low-slung dirty groove that gets shit swaggering like a Windowlicker-esq sex scene in a run down industrial estate."

Wrap your ears around Venetian Snares' Filth and let me know what you think in the comments section. The best, most poetic description wins a two week holiday ideally suited to Mr Snares' music - in other words, a fortnight buried under six feet of charred beef in a Hungarian cattle explosion.

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