Jul 10, 2011

Coming soon: the Encyclopaedia of Computer Bands

What makes an electronic music artist? Who makes them? And why?

Recently, plucky readers voted on their favourite music artists for a radio programme I did. It raised more questions than it answered. How would I recognise one of these bands if I bumped into them? What is the hidden meaning behind their name?

And are they evil?

I hope to answer these questions, and possibly hundreds more, in an almost-exciting feature on Fat Roland On Electronica called the Encyclopaedia Of Computer Bands. I will use all, some or none of the bands you voted for in the poll and attempt to shed as much factual light on them as possible.

Because light can be factual. I know. I looked it up in the Fat Roland Dictionary Of Bloggery Terms.

Pop this site into blog in your feed-reader, or click subscribe, or tie a knot in your mouse lead. Yes, I've spelled 'encyclopedia' the old fashioned way. That's how I roll. You won't want to miss this. The Encyclopaedia Of Computer Bands will be here soon..

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