Jul 30, 2011

My new Twitter background is dedicated to Murdoch

I'd had enough of Barack Obama as my Twitter background. Since he and the Republicans are about to destroy the world with their bickering, I thought I would change it to someone of much greater repute.

Rupert Murdoch (and, by extension, his son Little Jimmy Murdoch) is not only content to smash his way into the phones of murdered skeletons and orphans that are on fire: he has also stolen half of F1 in a decision so monumentally bad, it makes the poll tax, Battlefield Earth and dick-house act LMFAO seem like the most naturally wonderful things ever. More about formula one on Darksphere.

Anyway, here's a yellow Murdoch being a heat-crazed cowboy. I hope he falls off a cliff and gets raped by the sea.


Tim Footman said...

You luurve him.

Fat Roland said...

I want him to be my daddy.