Jul 16, 2011

Oxfam Bookfest? OxFats CaseFest. Or something...

On Sunday, I will be bringing a briefcase to Oxfam Bookfest.

Manchester worded-up writer bods Bad Language have invited me to be part of an open mic evening at Apotheca, Thomas Street, Manchester. It's at 7.30pm tomorrow night (Sunday 17th July) and it's part of Oxfam's annual celebration of pagey ready things.

I'll be joining (deep breath) Daniel Carpenter, Nicola West, Joe Daly, Dave Hartley, Tom Mason, Benjamin Judge, Sarah-Clare Conlon and special guest Fergus Evans.

You can also submit a story to an anthology me and my chummettes are producing (link at the bottom of this story here) and you can see me reading more nonsense at Bad Language's usual event at the Castle Hotel on July 27th. Oh and if you go to the Untitled Gallery (beneath the Friend's Meeting House near Albert Square) on Friday, early afternoon, you will get to bother me doing this.

Oh, and the briefcase? See you on Sunday.

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