May 21, 2016

Autechre's new album Elseq 1-5 has already split the forums

Autechre have banged out more than four hours of new material. Elseq 1-5 is the duo's 12th album, and I have already seen comments on forums saying both "one of my favourite albums ever" and "that track goes on ten minutes too long".

The "1-5" bit of the title refers to the five sections of this somewhat lengthy opus. But I tell you something, it could actually be their best work for a while.

I already love the tightly-wound hell funk of c16 deep tread, the fat farty stomp of c7b2, and if I wanted a 1989 rave to happen inside a bucket of thick grease, I'd listen to 7th slip.

And joy, acdwn2 has the kind of spacy snares they used back in the early days. Cracking.

Autechre recently popped up on KSUA Radio in Alaska playing some of their new stuff. I hope Sarah Palin tuned in. (Sorry, Alaska.)

The album artwork is pictured above, and you can buy on the Autechre webstore alongside a whole bunch of new live gubbins too.

What about you, forum commenters? "The prices are quite high for my taste." "Oh my, this is GOOD." "Savage full moon." Ah, bless your socks.

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