May 28, 2016

From Hollie McNish to the Saboteurs: spoken word non-stop

In the past three weeks, I have:

> Compered a Hollie McNish and Jo Bell gig in which an audience member pointed out that my trainers matched the book they were launching;

> Performed my first ever "pandas wondering about a mystery pipe" cartoon piece at the launch of a book by Michael Conley.

> Read off the back of cardboard clouds for a First Draft event at the People's History Museum. The protagonist of the story was a chimney;

> Hosted The Word in Didsbury, a spoken word night at Home Community Cafe which just happens to be part of a church I attended for two decades;

> MCed a bunch of excellent poets in the Royal Exchange (pictured). I entertained and/or bored them with my 50 Shades Of Grey remix.

> Held a live podcast recording which, despite being surrounded by football crowds and a van full of yapping police dogs, was somehow hugely enjoyable.

> Attended the Saboteur Awards in which my night Bad Language was shortlisted for Best Regular Spoken Word Night. I am writing this blog post in advance, so I don't know if we won or not, but I'm sure I would have had a jolly good time either way. (Edit: we won.)

Phew. Come and see me do stuff if you want: my live page is here.

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