Jul 31, 2016

Published (two times), podcasted (two times), Edinburgh Fringing (four times), no times (a lady)

Here is an update on Things Wot I Done That I Need To Plug. Think of it as a newsletter I've just printed off on one of those blue-ink rolly things we had before Blogger was invented.

I'm in a book. The story is called Panda and you can find it in A Box Of Stars Beneath The Bed, an anthology released to mark National Flash Fiction Day. There are loads of other people in there too: Sarah Hilary, Angela Readman, Paul McVeigh, Nik Perring, Nuala Ní Chonchúir and plenty more. Mine might be the only one with a panda in, though. And a sad, lost one at that.

I'm in a magazine. You can find the latest Electronic Sound in WH Smiths across the country. Yep, a print magazine! And it's really quite lovely. The latest edition has Bob Moog, Paul Hartnoll, Ladyhawke and a free CD. Oh and my 21st column for the 'Sound, and in this one I mention my Brian Eno hot pants. Sorry about that.

I have a new podcast out. Hey Fat Roland is a podcast about meeting people, and in episode two I bump into a chap called Wyl Menmuir who, just hours before we spoke, had been longlisted in the Man Booker Prize. Have a listen: you can get the Hey Fat Roland iTunes audio here or grab it on Podbean here.

Do subscribe to the podcast - and leave an all-important billion star iTunes rating because without it everything will shrivel and die, and we'll be back to those old days with the blue-ink printy machines and letraset and those stinky cans with the spray glue in.

And finally, I am performing four short shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. Hey Fat Roland! 40 Minutes Of Idiot takes place this Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings (11.05am). I think it might go full weird and/or total panda, I'm not quite sure. Anyhoo, it's on for just four days so blink and you'll miss it. Free entry, no ticket required.

Speaking of which, expect this blog to be a bit Edinburgh-y for the first half of August as I stagger around the Fringe... watch this space.

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