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A short biography:

"Imagine Johnny Vegas devouring Sam Simmons... on a rollercoaster.... driven by a depressed buffalo."

Fat Roland is a short story writer, blogger and performer. He is co-host of Manchester live literature night Bad Language, alongside Joe Daly. He is the current champion of Literary Death Match Manchester, won Saboteur Awards for Best Regular Spoken Word Night for Bad Language in two consecutive years, was longlisted in the Saboteur Awards for his 2015 Edinburgh Fringe show Kraftwerk Badger Spaceship, was commended in the Manchester Fiction Prize and once won some Manchester Blog Awards,

Extra biography if you're desperate:

Fat Roland is co-editor of Quickies: Short Stories For Adults and was published in 100RPM and Peirene Press' newspaper. He has released two self-published short story collections and numerous online short story projects.

Fat Roland is a member of the rather loose Flashtag short story writing collective. He is also a music columnist for Electronic Sound magazine and occasional recorder of music as Hounds of Hulme.

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Fat Roland is ENFP.

Fat Roland is not a poet. No, seriously. I'm a short story writer.

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