Stop being so inquisitive. "Oh look, there's a question mark, I must click on in, yadda yadda yadda." You make me sick.


Huh? You're still here? Oh alRIGHT then, here's a list of my favourite wheels:

- Spare wheel
- Front passenger side wheel
- Millennium wheel
- A wheel from Chorlton & The Wheelies
- Wagon wheel (wild west)
- Wagon wheel (biscuit)
- Wheel of fortune (the actual programme)

Please leave a comment telling me what your favourite wheel is, or indeed your favourite circular thing. I will rate your comment between 0 and 360.


David Hartley said…
Wheelie bin
Stella said…
Hamster wheel
Fil said…
Falkirk wheel
Fat Roland said…
Hamster wheel gets a 7. Sorry, hamsters.
Fat Roland said…
Falkirk wheel gets a 359. Obviously.