I write about modern electronic music. Think rave and early Warp onwards.

If you scroll down this site, you will find an A-Z of over a thousand acts I've written about over the years.

I am a columnist and reviewer for Electronic Sound magazine, downloadable now or on the shelves of WH Smith. I've contributed to Now Then Manchester, including an interview with The Orb.

My annual best-of lists tend to be the most-read things on my blog. So, click for the:
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- All of the above on many pages.

I sometimes make music as Hounds Of Hulme. I sometimes do radio. I sometimes DJ. I tend to know what's in the charts despite my advancing years. I can neither confirm nor deny that I am the cute violinist who quit Clean Bandit.

I make the Hey Fat Roland podcast which features themes and stings written by me.

Here's a track by Hounds Of Hulme: