Dec 26, 2004

Never trust a man in a hood

Now that Chrimbo is over, with all its tension, drama and shiny baubles, you really ought to treat yourself to a lighter look at Christmas.

When I say 'lighter', I actually mean disturbing. It depends whether you think crying children are funny.

Either way, never trust a man in a hood... Clicky click.

Happy end-of-Christmas to you and yours.

Dec 9, 2004

The Concretes: The future of animal sex belongs to women

Legendary rock martyr Kurt Cobain said once "the future of rock belongs to women."

It's true that bands like Sahara Hotnights and the Donnas do rock more than a piece of sticky sugar with words written through the middle.

But the biggest rocking rockiest band are the beautiful Concretes, who are fronted by a girl, don't make their guitars scream and probably don't even break a sweat on stage. Strange, then, they can get away with a brilliantly animated video that has the most thinly veiled reference to bestiality since Prince Charles first bedded Camilla.

Now that's rock. The video is the Concretes' new single Warm Night and you can click here to see the video on the NME website without signing up for any stupid mailing lists and stuff.

Dec 1, 2004

Fuzz love two job

The following things have made me happy recently...

1) I have a new job.

b) I have been buying up Starflyer 59's back catalogue. I now have a pristine Fell In Love At 22 EP from the second-hand bit of Amazon. EP Nights is a top choon.

iii) It's Two tonight in the Northern Quarter. Full report on this blog soon.

4th) Simon Pegg is working on a comedy-with-police film called Hot Fuzz.

That's all. I'm off to whistle merrily down the street now.