Feb 2, 2008

If you ask me, people on the internet should talk about the internet more


In a phenomenally pointless bit of internet drivel, I feel it important to mark the sixth anniversary of fatroland.com.

Really, I wouldn't continue reading. Carry on to more engaging sites, like trousers for spiders or dating sites for people with cleft pallets, that kind of thing.

In fact, anyone who devotes an entire post to the fact they launched their URL on 02/02/02 just so they could remember the date deserves dragging outside by their eyelashes and shooting in both elbows.

Fatroland.com doesn't deserve a cake. It purports to be a blog about electronica, but it instead it's pervaded by a faint whiff of bottom drivel with added pointless pub quizzery.

Still, I like it, and every now and then I get it out of its box and let it run round my bedroom.

You see, many great things have lasted six years, like the Second World War, Guantanamo Bay and June Sarpong's stint on T4.

So happy birthday fatroland.com. I remember when you used to be a proper internet site, with scrolling text and rollover 'mystery meat' graphics.

Sigh. How you've shrunk.