Jul 31, 2019

#SevenInch diary day 0: buzzing audience

Hello. My name is Fat Roland and I run a record shop.

Not really. This is, however, the premise of my third Edinburgh Fringe show, taking place from August 1st to 13th.

Seven Inch was originally commissioned by The Lowry for Week 53 festival in 2018. The opportunity to put on a comedy theatre show in a place with such incredible resources and creative people was amazing. They are, in short, flipping boss.

This re-edited Fringe version of the show is designed for a smaller space with minimal tech. Things will feel more up-close and personal, especially with me flinging props all over the place.

Will people turn up? Will I remember all my lines? Will the audience be abducted by wasps? There's only one way to find out. Day 1 of the show is tomorrow.

Here's the link to Fat Roland: Seven Inch. If you're up in Edinburgh, do come and see the show - there's nothing else like this at the Fringe, believe me.