Mar 19, 2016

Making history (geddit?) for Manchester Histories

Here I am under several shiny chandeliers and in front of a packed town hall at the Manchester Histories Community Awards.

The awards exist to recognise efforts to preserve and celebrate the city's history amid various creative and campaigner communities. I was chuffed to be asked to compere the awards: it's kind of like being a flight steward amid a turbulent running order, and I loved every moment of it.

I've got, er, history with Manchester Histories: in 2011, I performed what is still my bestest pieces, '1996 And All That'. And I ran a low-key but lovely event a couple of years ago called Ruined: Short Short Stories From Long Lost Places.

The shortlistees and winners were quite something. I fell in love with my home city all over again.
It was a delight to meet Julie Hesmondhalgh as she presented an award. And I'm glad I told the audience that the opulent room was my living room. I'm pretty sure they believed me. ("See those paintings? £9.99 from Ikea. They came as a set.")