Jan 2, 2005

My New Year: pub, Gorman, egg, pi

My New Year's Day evening was spent in the pub with Al, Becca, Eek, Kid Mingus and Laura.

Laura is a pedal optician, which means she makes knees bendy or something. Eek was arrested once for scuba diving on the wrong side of the sea, but he still thinks Billy Ocean is actually an ocean so what does he know.

I've never seen Al wear a hat.

Anyhoo, Eek and I stayed up watching Dave Gorman, drinking whiskey and talking about the Pixies until 6am, after which I grabbed three hours sleep before guzzling a fried-to-death breakfast from Tesco's cafe.

Fry-ups with an albeit mild hangover have a way of re-stablising your life, kind of yinging your yang or something like that. In fact, I swear to you the eggs looked like this...

By the way, my New Year's Resolution is to learn pi to 100 decimal places. Off the top of my head, this is what I've learnt so far:


--some way to go, but I have a very bad memory, and Jeremy Clarkson's talking about engineering on the telebox so I've forgotten what this blog was about in the first place, so I had better go before I forget how to do other stuff. Like, erm...