Feb 24, 2005

Pete Doherty takes drugs no really yes really

Shambolic rock god Pete Doherty has invoked the vampyric wrath of Tory leader Michael Howard.

Howard said: "Here you have a man who takes drugs and gets locked up - yet ends up on the front pages."

Er, yes, Howie, that's how newspapers work.

Maybe the Conservative leader should cast his mind back to his stint as home secretary when he released a chap called John Haase onto the streets.

Haase was a well known drug pusher who was let out of jail a paltry ten months into an 18 year sentence. The dealer would have been delighted to rejoin his notorious gang which included Paul Bennett, also released by Howard, and speed dealer Simon Bakerman.

Bakerman's cousin is thought to have had a lot to do with Haase's release. Step forward notorious drug runner, er, MP Michael Howard.

Do I get a job on the Eye now?

Feb 6, 2005

What I'm listening to at the moment

Mercury Rev: The Secret Migration [beautiful, delicate and every so slightly pagan]
Super Furry Animals: Songbook Vol 1 [how many memorable tunes can you fit on one greatest hits?]
The Dears: Lost In The Plot [morrissey eat your heart out]
The Strokes: Room On Fire [not as lo-fi anymore, but still a top rhythm section]
Various Artists: Future's Burning [bloc party, franz ferdinand, 22-20s etc]

What I wish I wasn't listening to at the moment but I keep hearing it on TV
The Killers: Somebody Told Me [Mr Brightside was a good single, but they can just piss off with their rhyming of "confidential" and "potential".

What I want to hear more of
The Duke Spirit