Apr 26, 2005

Weebl & Bob pimp kudos joy

Well shiver me timbers and call me Chunky, if it isn't a new episode of Weebl & Bob.

The latest episode brings a mixture of jousting, Pimp My Ride and jam.

W&B, as they are know to fellow omelettes, can now carry a heap load of kudos on their shoulders for giving respect to Pimp My Ride. This show is one of the best programmes ever to come out of the Axis of Evil, er, I mean, America. Right up there with the A Team, Knight Rider, and - yes - Saved By The Bell.

If you have't come across Weebl & Bob before, there isn't much to understand. There's an egg called Weebl. He's the bigger one. And there's an egg called Bob. He's the smaller one. And in this episode, they meet another egg.

Pimp my click, motherclicker. (It's a LARGE-ISH FILE by the way.)

Apr 23, 2005

If my corneas melt, blame Starflyer 59

I fear more and more that my corneas are beginning to meld unhelpfully with my computer screen as I wade deeper into the world wide mire of the interweb.

My latest obsession was sparked when I discovered very little of Starflyer 59 on Wikipedia, the public access online encyclopedia of some renown. Starflyer 59 (or SF59 to those in the know) are a Christian rock band that I have followed for some time. As SF59 fans have a tendency towards fixation beyond that of a casual fan, I expected to see a feast of text on Wikipedia. But no, there were only a few lines, which on Wikipedia barely amounts to a sausage.

Well, not until now. I have started by adding a discography to the page. You can see it by clicking your little arrow here. See that discography bit? That's me, that is.

Of course, now this has ignited another obsession in that completist bit of my brain that insists I own every bit of Starflyer 59 plastic on this polluted Earth. So if anyone has She's The Queen, Le Vainqueur, Plugged or Live At The Paradox (which I had forgotten existed until I researched for Wikipedia), please let me know. Please. No, seriously...

My eyes hurt.

Apr 10, 2005

Aliens have invaded my blog. Sorry.

Very inconvenient this, but aliens have invaded my blog.

It was happily surfing the interweb dimension when suddenly these UFOs flew over and...

...well, see for yourself. Click here.

Stupid aliens.

Apr 4, 2005

Bill Drummond is going to be at Greenbelt...

...so says my playbuddy Fil whose letterbox spewed a flyer claiming the KLF genius will appear at the UK's premier post-evangelical fest.

Me wonders if this is something to do with a chap called John Davies, a curate based in Liverpool who is a Drummond obsessive and Greenbelt's SoulSpace organiser.

A search for "Bill Drummond" on Greenbelt's website turns up no results in exactly 0.4 seconds. Why do they need to tell me it took 0.4 seconds to find nothing?

Fil reckons it's all a practical joke and Drummond won't turn up, replaced instead with a grey stick.

Here's a grey stick for sale at a handsome price of 56 Australian dollars. Drummond may be interested in buying this expensive bit of twiggery. After all, he has got money to burn.

A search for "grey stick" on Greenbelt's website also turns up no results in 0.4 exactly seconds. A coincidence? I think not.