Apr 26, 2005

Weebl & Bob pimp kudos joy

Well shiver me timbers and call me Chunky, if it isn't a new episode of Weebl & Bob.

The latest episode brings a mixture of jousting, Pimp My Ride and jam.

W&B, as they are know to fellow omelettes, can now carry a heap load of kudos on their shoulders for giving respect to Pimp My Ride. This show is one of the best programmes ever to come out of the Axis of Evil, er, I mean, America. Right up there with the A Team, Knight Rider, and - yes - Saved By The Bell.

If you have't come across Weebl & Bob before, there isn't much to understand. There's an egg called Weebl. He's the bigger one. And there's an egg called Bob. He's the smaller one. And in this episode, they meet another egg.

Pimp my click, motherclicker. (It's a LARGE-ISH FILE by the way.)

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Anonymous said...

Why Fat Roland, I really like your hair.