Mar 13, 2005

William, it was really nothing (well about 30 seconds)

Ah the joys of butter sandwiches, of felt felt and of the web that is as wide as the world.

I was as excited as a Christmas tree when top revolutionary punk rockers The Others sent me a link to their new video, 'William'.

Imagine my delight as my computer jumped to a splash page complete with an audio loop ... which plays and plays and plays and doesn't stop when you load up the video proper. I shouldn't have to press mute, that's the web page's job. It should mute. The Realplayer should load and the page should mute.

Just picture my contortions of spasmodic happiness as, with the main page muted, the video loaded a collossal 30-second clip. Not much longer than the annoying loop I had already endured.

So now I am disappointed with The Others. In the true spirit of the band's name, here are some "other" websites (geddit?!?!?) that might be worth bothering with instead:

1) Check out Performance here (click on the Features link). Apparently the lead singer keeps blanking my friend Bex. I'm sure it's not intentional, but until he is proven innocent, he is indeed a total twap.

2) Laugh at two terrible racial stereotypes shouting at each other. Japanese shop assistant: "Talka to da haaand!" Black kid: "I'm gonna blow this motherfucker up if I don't get my motherfucking change!" As uncomfortable as The Office. Come back, Willis, all is forgiven.

3) A Year Of Living Generously is an inspirational idea... so why is the 'Generous actions underway now' column completely empty? I'm going to be generous this week, just to make up for it.

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