May 7, 2006

Bunnies waggle better than woof-dogs waggle

The 'Misadventures In Sound' posts dribbled into nothing during the second week of my fantastic Refresh FM presenting stint*. For this I apologise, but I was distracted by a rabbit.

The creature in question was hopping along the grass verge of a main road, nibbling whilst oblivious to the four-wheeled dangers hurtling past at 60 miles an hour. At first I thought it was a cute dog, but there is no such thing as a cute dog. And cute dogs don't waggle their fluffy white bums in quite the same way as bunnies.


Wild rabbits aren't too common near me, only wild foxes, so I decided I was dreaming. I started to take off all my clothes and fly, which I often do in dreams, but decided against it when the rabbit started following me. It needed help.

My help came in the guise of a family with numerous children milling around in a porch, and believe me, milling is a really hard thing to do in an enclosed space. I figured if the rabbit was local, then the children would know about it. Rabbits. Children. Children. Rabbits.


The children did know - the rabbit was called Kevin or Steve or Bubbles or something. So I left them to catch the rabbit while I hurried on to my appointment with a beer.

I like to think I saved the life of that rabbit, although my parting glance didn't fill me with confidence: the two youngest children were tearing down the pavement after the startled bunny, all of them getting ever closer to the stream of traffic.

Anyhoo, that's no excuse for not continuing with my Refresh FM posts as this happened yesterday while Refresh finished broadcasting a fortnight ago. But it is my excuse so shut up.


On a bus a few moments after my bunny fun, I saw a piece of graffiti which said 'Chris waggles his bum at boys' and it occurred to me maybe they were writing about the rabbit. Which leads me to two conclusions: the rabbit wasn't called Kevin or Bubbles or something, and bunnies really do waggle their behinds in the cutest cutesy cute way. Aaaah!

Did I just hear screeching tyres?

*Far too many adjectives before 'stint'. Reminds me of a lazy BBC News 24 piece I heard this morning that blamed the destruction of homes on 'mudslide-causing heavy rainfall' which left me reeling for a few moments while I tried to figure out what had caused what to do what.

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Sarah said...

An appointment with beer? Or hallucogenic drugs?