Oct 4, 2007

You can take the cinema out of Michael Owen but you can't take Michael Owen out of the cinema, not without force

It's been a while. The last time I posted pub quiz questions on the Fat Roland blog, men were boys, sheep were lambs, and Virgin Pendolinos were loo rolls with jammy dodgers for wheels.

Last night, my bearded cohort Nine Tenths Full Of Penguins and I hosted a quiz in Ye Olde Cock in Manchester, where 'Olde' is pronounced to rhyme with 'mouldy'.

So here are the questions. It's about sport, of which I know little. A brace of questions have been felched from other internetwebsites, but most of it is my own work, miss.

If you reply with answers, I will mark you - no googling please. The real factual answers will materialize in a few days in the comments below this post.

Question one. What’s the perfect score in ten pin bowling? (1 point)

Question two. Let’s play Soccergram! Rearrange the letters of a football personality to find the longest word you can, e.g. from 'Michael Owen', the longest word you can get is 'cinema'. The football personality is: Sven Goran Eriksson. (1 point, plus a bonus point if you can find a nine-letter word)

Question three. The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896. How many women competitors were there? (1 point)

Question four. Part one: who was the last Formula One driver to die at a grand prix (whilst driving in practice, qualifying or a race)? Part two: which past or present Formula One driver has a name that contains nine consecutive letters spelling out a London borough? (2 points)

Question five. The exact distance of a marathon please, in miles and yards. (1 point)

Question six. Let’s play Soccergram. Rearrange the letters of a football personality to find the longest word, e.g. from 'Michael Owen', the longest word you can get is 'cinema'. The football personality is: Ruud van Nistelrooy. (1 point, plus a bonus point if you can find a nine-letter word.)

Question seven. Andy Murray is the UK number one singles player. In what is Jamie Murray the UK number one? (1 point)

Question eight, and yes this one was taken from another website. Part one: black is always with blue, red is always partnered by yellow. What is the sport? Part two: throwing stones at houses. What is the sport? (2 points)

Question nine: Rugby Union. Wales vs Fiji on Saturday. What was the score? (1 point)

Question ten: Match these people with their sports. The people: Barry Bonds, Beth Tweddle, Bobby Dazzler, Yesica Bopp. The sports: Baseball, Boxing, Darts, Gymnastics. (1 point for each correct match)


Sarah said...

Now I'm glad I didn't come - I know less about sport than you do. As you are a formula one specialist and I'm last year's accidental formula one losers league winner.

Actually, I didn't come to your quiz because I'm studying. And now I'm going to study reather than try to answer your questions. How does it feel to be spurned for a green paper on the role of social housing in 21st century housing policy?

Fat Roland said...

Sigh. Spurned for a green paper. It reminds me of my first ever true love, who dumped me for a one pound note.

By the way, you score 0 points.

Midnight Candle said...

Alright, alright. Time to do some heavy guesswork...

1 - 300
2 - sneakers, aka "trainers" (Wow, we've been playing too much Scrabble)
3 - probably zero
4 - ?
5 - 26 miles ? yards
6 - stirred
7 - tennis (?)
8 - ?, ?
9 - ?
10- Barry Bonds, baseball. Beth Tweddle, darts. Bobby Dazzler, boxing. Yesica Bopp, gymnastics.

Fat Roland said...

Nat, you're spot on with the bowling, and your anagrams give you two points. Question three was probably totally correct, and you are right about Barry Bonds but not the others.

Five points, and in the absence of any other entries on this page, you are the winner, I guess...

Anonymous said...

the 1st olympics were men only. they played in the nude and women were banned !

(amazing what pointless information i've picked up from your nephew (Sam))

Sarah said...

Ok, I'm giving it a go. And I haven't looked at any of the answers anyone else postedd. Or googled.

1. 240

2.Snog. Sorry, couldn't really be arsed to try for very long. Too many letters. You should probably ban me from your blog..

3. None. I bet we were banned.

4. Ayrton Senner. No idea.

5. 26.2 miles. I don't know what .2 miles is in yards.

6. No. See question 2.

7. Part of the number 1 doubles team.

8. Archery. Living in glass houses?

9. No idea, but I believe fiji won. So one of my welsh friends didn't tell me.

Barry bonds - boxing. Beth Tweddle - gymnastics. bobby dazzler - darts. Yesica Bopp - baseball.

99% guesswork - how did I do?

Midnight Candle said...

And here's an even more intricately pointless Olympics fact...

Even though women were banned from from the arena in Ancient Greece they could still compete and win medals... but only by owning horses that competed in chariot races since the champion was actually the horse owner and not the chariot driver.

Tim F said...

5: 26 miles, 285 yards