Jan 12, 2008

Adam's backside causes a rumpus - or should that be a medial rectus?

Pub Quiz: the Timber team

Adnam's Broadside, affectionately known to the pub's staff as Adam's Backside, was nearly my downfall at the quiz this week.

Still, myself and my co-host 9/10ths managed to grasp onto reality for long enough at our monthly tryst of trivia on Wednesday. He's posted his questions there, and I'm posting mine here.

The typical score on this general knowledge round was about 45%, or eight points, so it isn't a walk in the skate park. Don't let that tempt you into the evil of Googling.

Answers in the comments section please: I will post the proper real answers there in about a week.

The invention of which drink reportedly caused its inventor to exclaim: “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars”? (1 point)

Do these African countries have a larger or smaller population than the UK? (4 points)
A – Ethiopia
B – Nigeria
C – South Africa
D – Zimbabwe

Where in the human body would you find a posterior compartment, a medial rectus muscle and a bulbar sheath? (1 point)

Name me the three most common computer passwords in the UK according to PC magazine. Clue: one is a noun, one is a sequence of numbers and one is a sequence of letters. (3 points)

Polar bears (2 points)
A – What does Allen’s Rule have to do with polar bears’ legs?
B – What colour is a polar bear’s fur?

If you were to see Pegasus carrying the First Lord in modern day Britain, what would you be looking at? (1 point)

In a Boots poll of 4,000 adults, what percentage of smokers had kept their habit secret from their parents, even into adulthood? (2 points if you’re spot on, 1 point if you’re within 5%)

What is the most popular boy’s name in the UK? Is it: Jack, James or David? (1 point)

In what year was the Ford Transit introduced to the UK? (2 points for the correct year, 1 point if you’re a year out)

What word connects a US rapper, a flavour abandoned by Coca Cola, a Cameron Crowe film and Obelix’s mother in the Asterix comics? (1 point)

Edit: I've snaffled all the answers into the comments bit of this post, so look there for the solution. If you are posting your own answers, don't look for fear of spoiling probably the most fun you'll have all year.


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Fat Roland said...

Okay then kids, here are the answers. Don't look if you're still trying to guess. 1 Champagne. 2 Ethiopia and Nigeria are bigger, South Africa and Zimbabwe are smaller. 3 Eye. 4 password, 123456, querty. 5 Allen’s Rule means mammals in colder climates have shorter legs, and polar bears have translucent fur. 6 The Prime Minister in his limo. 7 52%. 8 Jack. 9 1965. 10 Vanilla. And by golly, that was all from memory; I can't have been that drunk. You did well if you got more than 8 points.