Jul 14, 2008

Wait, westerly wanderer, there's a big carrot-y creature in your way

Mongolian Death Worm

I was just scooting over the Taklamakan desert on Google Earth and I was startled by a Mongolian Death Worm (pictured).

I wasn't really expecting to find something like that in the rippling nowhereness of a huge desert (I had been low-flying my way from Tokyo, via Beijing, through some random places beginning with X that I had never heard of).

Still, I was comforted by the knowledge it reacts to yellow in the same way bulls charge at red things, and if you agitate it, it will gob poison at you and dissolve your face.

Oh and it also kills people by zapping them like a Dalek. Or God when he starts one of his big lightning storms.

Anyway, I'm continuing on a westerly wander. I should be in Iran by midnight.

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