Apr 9, 2007

Fats & 'Fresh 3: never get bobsleighs and tractors mixed up. Seriously

I'm heading like a driverless bobsleigh into the second week of Refresh FM.

You will hear me every weeknight from 9pm on 87.7FM (Manchester) on the Quite Early Show. This is the flagship show and has the most giggles per square inch. I know. I've measured.

I'm also doing these extra shows throughout the week:

Monday 11pm: Wind-down
Tuesday 9am: Late Breakfast Show
Wednesday 11pm: Wind-down
Thursday 9am: Late Breakfast Show
Friday 11pm: Wind-down
Sunday 12noon: Wesley Owen Chart Show

Meanwhile, I am skiving off work so I nipped down the road to see Danny Boyle's excellent Sunshine.

It's a scrumptious, tense film; like The Straight Story if Alvin had been chased by a pack of marauding dogs throughout. Yes, it was that good.


9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

Sunshine is great.

The film that is... although actual Sunshine is great too.

I wonder if Danny Boyle is happy about the upcoming 28 Days Later sequel?

Sarah said...

Sequels are rubbish.

Trequels are even worse.

This may not be universally true, but I think it is lazy and greedy film-making quite often. If you find something people seem to like and will pay to see, just make more and more versions of it to rake in the money without having to come up with original ideas.

Fat Roland said...

I hate sequins too.

The last sequel I saw was probably Alien vs Predator. The last trequel I saw was Terminator 3.

Case in bloody point, both of them.

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

Strictly speaking, Alien vs Predator was a spin-off rathers than a sequel.

Although if it was, it would be a 'quinquel' as it would have been the 5th Alien film.

My goodness....how much of a movie nerd am I?