Apr 25, 2007

Blog 1 website 0 (late result)

Today is the first day of the Venetian season of sprrrng, so I've been doing a bit of sprrrng cleaning.

I have dusted away my main website. From now on, www.fatroland.com will link here. This is probably not permanent, but my blog gets all the hits, and it seems silly having two sites doing the same thing.

So temporarily-rest-in-piece (TRIP?) the Fat Roland website, 2nd February 2002 to 25th April 2007. You could always visit the old site, here. I'll polish it every now and then, just in case of dot com withdrawal symptoms and I feel the need to return it to the netosphere.

I have also elongatified the list of links on the right of this page. Below the usual links to other posts on the blog, you will discover to your delight and defecation* some downloads. These are podcasts of the shows what I did and that.

I've also posted some lovely piccies that should have you following through** with delight. There also be, in them thar links, some musical recommendations to make your ears frolic with glee.

Sprrrng has sprrrng.



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