May 14, 2009

10 tips for digging for records

I had posted this to my Twitter page, but it was too good not to plonk here too.

Northern Comfort wrote a handy guide to sifting your way through a well-stocked record shop. Read it here.

It ranges from the truly geeky ("check your dates") to one of the reasons why I got into dance music in the first place: cover art.

"Obviously. If a record sleeve has a massive picture of 8 black dudes with afros looking crazy I’m going to check it, regardless of the dates or artist’s names. If it’s a homemade cover, check it out. And if anywhere on the record there’s a picture of a drum, probably a good idea too."
I wouldn't be into Sabres Of Paradise if I hadn't been wowed by the graffiti cover of Theme (pictured).

And point eight advises against buying a track because a snatch of rhythm buries its way underneath your skin. Look beyond the loop. I wish I had read this many years ago. I have so many unwise purchases, I deserve to be plastered all over the front page of the Daily Telegraph.


Tim Footman said...

Yes, but I went through a phase of buying records that had covers like this on the offchance I might unearth some forgotten monster riff (like Eminem'd Chas 'n' Dave thing) but I didn't because all the records I found were shit.

Fat Roland said...

Delayed response, but...