May 23, 2009

Five new IDM electronica releases I intend to purchase in the near and not so near future

Wisp: The Shimmering Hour. Not an actual wisp; that would be silly. It wouldn't stay in my CD player for a start. It would just float off and diffuse into my room's usual noxious haze of dust, fart gas and the terrible, belching smoke from burning puppies.

Grizzly Bear: Veckatimest. Not an actual gizzly bear. I suspect that would be inadvisable. I have no immediate intentions to go bear buying. Apart from white ones: you know, the ones with translucent fur that live on overzise mint sweets.

Biosphere: Wireless. Not an actual biosphere. Fitting all the world's ecosystems into your mp3 player may void your warranty, and in any case all that moisture would way you down when getting chased off Eamon Holmes' property. Oops. I wasn't meant to mention that.

Clark: Totems Flare. Not an actual clerk. That would be dull. I mean, if you wanted someone to take notes, perhaps do a bit of filing for my campaign for 'twazmuppet' to become the most common word in the English language, then maybe I'd buy a clerk.

Jega - Variance. Not an actual... um... at this point, the whole premise of this piece deflates like an airship in a needlework shop. *backs away from blog slowly*


steve said...

Definitely looking forward to the Wisp and Jega releases. Wisp has loads of excellent free downlads at his archive site. humpelndenBEATS is there - one of the best electronic music albums I've ever heard. Btw, I managed to pick up a promo of the new, unreleased long player from Deastro, and have to say, it could possibly be album of the year, if not decade, it's that good.

Fat Roland said...

Ooo, I'll look out for Deastro. Sorry I haven't been replying to your comments for a while. I've been a bit rushed off my webbed feet.