Oct 13, 2005

I only have pies for you

Cockeyed.com is one man's obsessive quest to find out everything about everything.

Sometimes it is informative, such as his recent re-posting of his trip to New Orleans during a hurricane alert a few years ago. Most of the time it is just silly. He replaces menus in restaurants with carefully designed parodies, and devotes pages and pages of his site to finding out how much is inside stuff (eg, how much toothpaste inside a tube, how much tree is in a Christmas tree).

However, and this (sadly) is my reason for my post, the site author's recent turn of genius is a pie chart based on a survey he conducted. He asked people's favourite TV channel - and he came up with this, the best pie chart in the world. No, really. It's complicated, messy and fantastic, and how all pie charts should look.

His pie chart is far more interesting than this one, far less yellowy than this one, and less scary than this one.

This is INTERESTING, dammit!
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