Jan 4, 2006

Fat discs... ACBC, Muslimgauze and Bogdan Raczynski

Anti Clockwise Blink Comparator is a better name than Westlife and their minimal tone modulation and barmy buzzy bits either means they didn't record their music properly or it's beautiful 'found sound' electronica in the vein of Scanner.

Muslimgauze have George Bush-pleasing song titles like Mosque Radio and Taliban and Tamil Tiger SOS. They have just re-released their mid-90s Izlamaphobia disc, which is a highly rhythmic, scuzzy bleepy feast.

But I am most excited about Bogdan Raczynski's newest release on Rephlex. He has remixed Bjork's Who Is It (from her Medulla album last year). Well, it's not quite new, but it's the first time I've come across it so shut up. I love Bogdan (pictured above) because he has brightened up my record collection with his lovely pink vinyl, and believe me it's difficult to type that without prematurely splurging out some cheap innuendo. Boggers' music is warm yet very electronic indeed and Bjork is some kinda Goddess in the house of Fats, so this is a civil partnership made in heaven.

Search for all of this at the Piccadilly Records website.

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