Jan 30, 2006

'O' logo

Sanctus 1 plays effeminate host to the sitdownathon that is II at Cord bar, at which you may hear a spun Fat Roland disc or three. Here is a taster of Sanctus 1's new flyer. [link expired, but just imagine something circle-y]

It reminds me of Aero, frogspawn, Mickey Mouse, Mexicans in hats, blowing bubbles and Orbital.

I loved the way Orbital's repetitive beats encapsulated the circular nature of their artwork. Yes I know it was probably the other way round, the cover designs reflecting the feel of the music blah-de-blah art imitating art etc etc. Shut up. See what I mean by spotting the theme in Orbital's album designs...

The green album
The brown album
The Middle Of Nowhere.
The blue album
...and Rest / Play EP

Before you write in, the Middle Of Nowhere artwork doesn't work because it's a white circle on a white background. This is approximately as effective as tippexing snow, or persuading a flatulent bird to poo on Boris Johnson's head. White on white, very Sigur Ros.

There is something to be said for consistency of artwork, which is why Fat Roland stuff is often white on black and blobby to boot. I think the circular thing is a sprinkle of style that designer Louise Poole brings to Sanctus 1. It could of course mean Sanctus 1 is going round in circles like Orbital's layered beats. Or maybe Sanctus 1 is frogspawn waiting to leap from the pond in a burst of green slimy energy.

Personally, I'm working on a Mexicans in hats theory.

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