Jul 7, 2006

Friend is not a verb

The tinternet is more wonderful than spiders.

Squeaky Productions cohort Stephen Devine is now being promoted through his production label
Gloopy Music. It took an evening of hard thinking and even harder laughter to come up with that, um, tadpole design.

Meanwhile, the Fat Roland name is now firmly under the butt of Robert Maxwell or Rupert Murdoch or whatever his name is. Have a look at the
Fat Roland MySpace page and do 'friend' me because it makes me look as though I don't smell of chipolata sausages.

Tigers are more wonderful than spiders. Just so you know.


Anonymous said...

Spiders are cool. People run away screaming from them..

I've never actually seen anyone run away screaming from a tiger (well, not for long anyway).

Proof that Spiders are cooler.

James said...

one of my chinese students calls us 'smiling tigers' - allegedly a 19th century reference to the brit's tendency to be polite and friendly as they shot people.

Sarah said...

I am very scared of spiders. I've learnt to control it to an extent. But I still hate them. However, if there was a tger one way and a spider the other, I'd choose the spider. Unless it was Shelob.

Fat Roland said...


James said...

I have 'friended' you on myspace.