Mar 22, 2010

Ten bloody brilliant Autechre tracks

Sorry to keep on banging on about Autechre (and also for posting another list), but a while ago someone challenged me to name my ten favourite Autechre tracks. The offer was too droolsome to ignore.

I made a list but I haven't been able to post it until now. There is a good reason.

I wrote down the list in a red Silvine notebook, tore out the page, folded it into four, put it in the back of my fishing shorts, fell into a river, put the shorts through the wash, took them out of the washing machine, realised I'd left something in my pocket, thought it was money and panicked, dried the soggy paper on a radiator, realised it was my list, had a radiator leak, re-dried the list by breathing on it for four days, had an asthma attack, got home from hospital, unfolded the hardened remains of the piece of paper, used a magnifying glass to read the faded writing, caught a ray of sun in the magnifying glass, set fire to the list, burned down the house and not in a Talking Heads kind of way, trawled through the smoking remains (of the house that is not Talking Heads), found the strangely intact list next to a charred teddy bear, jumped on a neighbour's computer to type it before anything else went wrong, buried the list so nothing else could get at it, went fishing, forgot my shorts.

So that's why I haven't posted this list until now. Either that, or I'm lazier than a sloth with thirteen koala bear butlers.

Here are ten of my favourite Autechre tracks with YouTube links, in alphanumeric order with their parent albums in brackets. It pretty much shows which era of Autechre I'm into, although I deliberately haven't included anything from Oversteps because it's all too recent.

Full YouTube playlist of ten bloody brilliant Autechre tracks.

Individual links:

444 (Incunabula)

6IE.CR (Draft 7.30)

Altibzz (Quarastice)

Arch Carrier (LP5)

Bike (Incunabula)

Clipper (Tri Repetae)

Drane2 (LP5)

Gantz Graf (Confield)

Second Bad Vibel (Tri Repetae)

Theme Of Sudden Roundabout (Draft 7.30)


steve said...

Oh yes, "Bike" is definitely up there. All of these are very good tracks. Personally, I love "Autriche" and "Garbage" as well, but trying to compile a list of my ten faves would be a tough one - too many great Ae tracks!

Fat Roland said...

This was possibly the most difficult blog post I've ever written! It was almost too hard, and I had to delete a lot of lovely things because I only wanted ten.

Dunk said...

Good list. Surely your shorts got burned in the fire?

Fat Roland said...

They were fishing shorts, so they were permanently damp, and hence naturally fire resistant.

Method Label said...

I can imagine this being nye on impossible! So much quality in their back catalogue.

Nothing from the new album interestingly? I haven't heard it, but the reviews I've heard have been really mixed...

Fat Roland said...

I like the new album, but I deliberately didn't include anything from it because it was just too recent. I think things need to percolate, like coffee or ideas or armpit sweat.

Anonymous said...

special mentions for;

IV VV IV VV VIII (draft)
Maphive 6.1 (ep7)
Fold4,Wrap5 (lp5)

you can't mess with gantz graf though really. It just can't be done.