Nov 21, 2011

Richard Whiteley: off my anus

My computer exploded.

Imagine the 1996 Manchester bomb, but smaller and inside a power unit.

You may think that is an insensitive comparison, but there were 15 handsome badgers working the innards of that machine. Now my writing room is wallpapered with animal brains and wiry black and white hair.

The hair may have been there before.

I'm hoping the Nice Computer Man can save my machine. As long as he stays away from the folder marked Compromising Photographs Of Denuded Biscuits, I should be okay.

The worst thing about this calamatous event is how much I'm missing my music. Someone played me a bit of Laughable Butane Bob today and I nearly orgasmed into his cappuccino. The only thing I have left on CD are Echobelly's Greatest Hits, that collaboration between The Kooks and Kraftwerk, and Tina Turner tribute band The Nutbush City Mimicks.

I'm not sure if those CDs even exist. I'm not sure of anything any more.

The positive side of being computerless is I got off my anus yesterday and had a lovely Sunday lunch. From now on, this blog will be dedicated to lovely Sunday lunches. Cooked by Wetherspoons. In exchange for £6.99, or £8.49 if you want inexplicable cauliflower cheese with it.

I went for the cauliflower cheese. This is my new life. My new computer-less life.

(PS - if you want to see me read an interative story about Richard Whiteley, come to a night called Exhibit C tomorrow. I may do three stories, each obsessed with the idea of celebrity.)


Robert Rowlands said...

Off my anus sounds like an anagram. Like my fun sofa, for instance. Btw, I've started the run down of my Aphex Twin top 200.

Shameless plug over. And not a nine letter word in sight.

Tim Footman said...

I can explain cauliflower cheese if you need. It's cauliflower, with... Oh, what am I doing?

Fat Roland said...

Rob - Oooo. A Twitter plug is on its way.

Tim - That's called a moment of lucidity. It's a precious thing.

Robert Rowlands said...

Many thanks for the plug, old bean. Any word on an Aphex album? Your sources telling you anything? I thought one was on the way earlier this year, but seems like that was false hope.

Fat Roland said...

Slow reply due to lack of computer... no, nothing. I think the kids have forgotten about Aphex and moved on to Skrillex.