Feb 5, 2012

Bleep Years: the beginning

Fat Roland dot com is ten years old. Plus a few days.

The original site was designed in January 2002 on a fancy Mac with a massive screen and it was, frankly, a hyperlinked rabbit hole of egotistical nonsense. I launched it on 2nd February 2002 (02/02/02) especially so I didn't forget its tenth anniversary.

The anniversary was on Thursday. I forgot.

This blog was launched separately a couple of years later, but the two sites were eventually squidged into one. And so here we are. One cake. Ten candles. Scores of thousands of words skimmed across the surface of the internet.

To celebrate, here's a new series that may keep you entertained throughout this most quadrennial of leap months. Bleep Years will track single tunes that somehow sum up whole years of my life. It will be a personal journey and I will pick one year randomly in each Bleep Years post.

And hey, let's do 20 years rather than 10. From '92 to '11, Bleep Years will scratch the mottled surface of this blog waffler and reveal the bone, the veins and the mauve gloop inside. One year a day. Starting tomorrow.

Good to know that, after ten years, this is still a rabbit hole of egotistical nonsense.


Tim F said...

Mauve gloop. Hurrah!

Fat Roland said...

Mauve is a seriously underrated comedy colour. I think there's that line in Withnail & I and that's about it.