Mar 6, 2014

Ten Bleep years bleeping

I'm running from pillar to post at the moment, except the pillar's a shark-infested pool and the post is a really angry post that pokes me with a pointy stick.

So I'm just popping by to send you over to Bleep10, a celebration of 10 years of my favourite online music shop They're putting on some celebratory live dates, but also releasing a Bleep10 album of exclusive and never-before-heard bleepy goodness.

The album has Autechre, Machinedrum, Lone, Mu-ziq and more. There's even a teaser video here.

In other decennial internet birthday news, this blog is also ten years old in 2014. You're getting none of my cake, you bleepy gits. I'm saving it for the sharks. NOT YOU, POST.

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