Aug 22, 2016

Listen: Datach’i’s Monarchs

Me not blogging about music is like Piers Morgan not annoying people on Twitter or Eamonn Holmes not ripping the heads of kittens when the camera's turned away. Time to get back into the habit.

The new Datach’i album - the first in LITERALLY a billion years - mixes the modular warmth of labelmate Venetian Snares' Traditional Synthesizer Music with some good old fashioned IDM. Monarchs is one of the highlights: its filtered refrain hugs your heart while the ice-metal snares play straight for your head.

All being well, a full review of Datch'i's System album will be in the upcoming new edition of Electronic Sound. Incidentally, the current Electronic Sound contains a Kraftwerk cover version by Paul Hartnoll recorded exclusively for the magazine. Just thought you ought to know because that's pretty darn cool.

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