Aug 31, 2016

Listen: Doms & Deykers' It's You I See

Doms & Deykers, otherwise known as electronic knob twiddlers Steffi and Martyn, release their debut album Evidence From A Good Source soon. Already, there is a buzz with Bleep dot com.

Martyn featured in my best albums of 2011: at best, his fluid breakbeats remind me of the glowing warmth of 808 State (see also Falty DL). His music translates live really well: you're never that far from a warehouse rave. I probably know less about Berlin club resident Steffi but I suspect that's about to change.

So this all looks rather promising. Have a listen to It's You I See which came out earlier this year. I'll leave the final word to the Deykers half of the equation.

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