Sep 30, 2016

A general update (Clocks by Coldplay) on various things

I've had a rather non-bloggy week due to a load of live events, although that doesn't really matter because I've got Clocks by Coldplay stuck in my head.

Last week, I went to see Plaid & The Bee. In the parlance of old ravers, they kicked like a flipping mule. Best gig for ages. I just wish I could hear their music in my head now, but I've got Clocks by Coldplay on a loop.

I also co-hosted an hour of spoken word at the Royal Exchange. Always a good gig this. I went for a drink in one of the nearby chop houses afterwards, although I can't remember which one because my brain's being distracted by Clocks by Coldplay.

Bad Language on Wednesday was a doozer. We had Neil Campbell of Salt Publishing headlining. It was standing room only and the audience was one of those buzzy ones it's a real delight to compere. Such a shame the memory's being dampened by Clocks by Coldplay fizzing around my noggin.

And last night, we hosted a sold-out show at the Portico Library to celebrate ten years of the Edge Hill Short Story Prize. I was going to do a waffle about me never winning a major literary prize but instead winning the only chess game I've played as an adult. I forgot because someone was whistling Clocks by Coldplay.

Tomorrow, I'm performing at a charity gig in Chorlton (click for deets). Do come. Clocks by Coldplay. Clocks by Coldplay. Clocks by Coldplay. Clocks by Coldplay. Clocks by Coldplay. WHEN WILL IT STOP?