Sep 3, 2016

Listen: Three tracks from Gonjasufi's new album Callus

Gonjasufi's new album Callus is designed to send your brain to a very strange place indeed. Listen above to The Kill and Prints Of Sin, one all electric guitar and the other all paranoid beats. And below, throw yourself into the Lynchian world of Vinaigrette.

Six years after A Sufi And A Killer, Gonj is still ploughing a unique furrow. In a field that grows weed. On Mars.

There's talk in these tracks of the cross and heaven and crucifixion. If Gonjasufi was Jesus, I'd probably follow him. Then again, I'm easily led. I saw a roadsweeper lorry once with a round rear end that looked a bit like a face. I followed it for three miles.

Further Fats: Gonja Sufi's a smokin' nomad in sound and soul (2010)

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