Oct 14, 2016

Listen (and cry) to Ulrich Shnauss's Love Grows Out Of Thin Air

Crikes. Ulrich Schnauss is now a member of ancient electronic totums Tangerine Dream. I suspect that passed a lot of people by with the death of the group's founder Edgar Froese.

Next month, Schnauss will release his first solo studio album since joining the Dream.

No, that's not a good shortening of their name. The Tange. TanDr?

Anyway, it's called No Further Ahead Than Today and Thump just premiered a cut from that album called Love Grows Out Of Thin Air. You can watch it above.

I'll warn you now. The video is heartbreaking. Props to its director Sean James Garland. It's the life sequence from Up; it's the garbage incineration scene from Toy Story 3; it's the wacky banter between the M&Ms in the cinema adverts.

Wait. No, not that last one.

I've just penned a review of Schnauss's album for Electronic Sound magazine. Love Grows isn't the best track on the album, but it's pretty typical of its sweet euphoria.