Oct 13, 2016

Listen to Ital Tek's Beyond Sight: tingling up your spine nice and good

See this video here? Turn up your volume and play it full-screen. Play it on the biggest screen you can. Display it on the side of a building. Project it onto the moon.

Even with YouTube compression, it'll tingle up your spine nice and good.

Beyond Sight is the moment on Ital Tek's fifth album Hollowed - available to stream in full here - that the ambience gives away to Clarkesque dirty beats.

This is quite a departure for Alan Myson. The clues for his fatter, more free direction were always there - just listen to the fuzzy bassline of Babel on 2010's Midnight Colour album.

But put this against the clinical footwork of 2013's Hyper Real and you'll realise something quite new's happening here. I like it.

Further Fats: In a post about Merzbow, the first time I fell in love with an Ital Tek track (2008)