Sep 1, 2017

Zombie'ites! Going underground with Transglobal and Banco De Gaia

I'm off to see Transglobal Underground at Band on the Wall tonight. Their 1993 album 'Dream Of 100 Nations' has always been a favourite: full of forthright pan-Afrasian techno, and a great introduction into the world of Nation Records, Natasha Atlas, Loop Guru and Dreadzone. Fusion techno that's as agitated as it is celebratory.

Below, I've plopped down some YouTube embeds for you to listen to, all taken from that album.

Banco De Gaia is DJing too: his 'Last Train To Lhasa' album is a modern ambient masterpiece that, thanks to dreamy samples, changed the way I heard choo-choo trains forever. The same way The Orb made fluffy clouds magical for evermore.

Put aside your chores - grouting the cat can wait. Listen to Banco De Gaia's Kincajou below.

So much of my blogging seems to look back to the 1990s, and this post is no different: but I'm proper looking forward to seeing this lot right now in 2017. The world needs their trippy madness more than ever before.

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Anonymous said...

I lived in Dhahran in Saudi 94-99 I bought "International Times" in the now burnt down Shula mall in Al Ḱhobar and it blew me away. I was making maps of coral reefs in the Arabian Gulf and while entering the data into the computer would listen to this tape. I lived the Arab life - ate shawarmas from street cafes, cruised across sand dunes in a 4WD and snorkelled with sea turtles. Nice times. I first saw the video for "Lookee Here" in a hotel in Jizan, now a war zone near Yemen.

Toby "Banco" Marks album - my kids love it and call it Choo Choo music. There is a video on YT with the palace in Leh in Ladakh - it looks like the Potala in Lhasa. I wandered round that in 1992.