Aug 30, 2020

What do you MEAN you haven't heard of Acid August?

Josh Wink

As we approach the end of the month, I really hope you've enjoyed listening along with Acid August.

Pardon? You've never heard of Acid August? Have you been living under a rock?

The whole idea of Acid August is that you spent the whole month listening to acid house music and nothing else. Are you telling me you've not done this? Have you that much disrespect for Acid August?!

Admittedly I didn't mention Acid August, but it was difficult to figure out. It's the alliteration. Acid in August, Metal in March, Jungle in June and Off-Kilter Space Jazz in October. I shouldn't have to explain this to you.

Despite your wilful negligence of Acid August, I've hastily cobbled together a list of well-known acid classics you should have been listening to. Maybe you could invent a time machine to rescue the month you just wasted. Harrumph. You people.

  • Hardfloor's Acperience 1: maybe the band's most famous track, and a template many people have copied

  • Josh Wink's Higher State Of Consciousness (pictured): a silly track that put acid-tweaking fun into the charts

  • Hydrochloric acid: a kind of bubbling sound, especially when it's burning off your skin

  • Ceephax Acid Crew's Sidney's Sizzler: a lo-fi tempo-twiddling joyful track designed to move your tootsies

  • Carbonic acid: makes a fizzing sound when you open the bottle, as long as the Diet Coke or sparkling water hasn't gone flat

  • Spanky's Acid Bass: Phuture's much-missed Earl Smith Jr turning in an early stomping acid house classic

  • Citric acid: doesn't make much of a sound, unless you jam a lemon into your eyes for a delightfully citrus-y scream

  • 808 State's Flow Coma: the Manchester boys in a moody acid mood, a feeling replicated on their most recent album

  • Amino acid: something to do with compounds (I've honestly no idea) – probably sounds like Westlife

  • A Sid: just a man called Sid, who looks angry and disappointed on the rare occasions someone makes an "a sid / acid" joke, while mumbling "what kind of hack joke is this"

  • Maurice's This is Acid: A stone-cold classic with the added frill of rave chords and sexy gasps

Why not go through that list and tick off all the acids you have listened to this month? And in the future, please don't forget Acid August.

See you this time next month when I'll be checking on your progress in Soft Rock September.

Further Fats: 467 (2010, which also mentions Acid August!)

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