Apr 1, 2007

Fats & 'Fresh 1: Counting down to the countdown

It's rather strange sitting at home and listening to your voice on radio, but that's exactly what's happening as my pre-recorded show called Sunday Waffle hit the Refresh 87.7FM airwaves just half an hour ago (see previous post).

At lunchtime today, I'll go live for the first time in this year's broadcast. The Wesley Owen Chart Show is a top 40 based on sales of music at the Wesley Owen bookshop on Deansgate, Manchester. I spent an hour yesterday collating sales information, and I'm looking forward to the challenge of counting down a top 40 within a two hour slot. It'll be all about pacing and ...timing.

My only problem is this: most of what I'll be playing isn't my taste in music. I hope I'm not too acerbic in a Wogan-on-Eurovision or Amstell-on-Popworld fashion.

Or maybe that'll be a good thing.

Still, amid all the cut-and-paste worship, there's some reggae, soul and even classical. Actually, by classical, I mean classical cover versions of Graham Kendrick songs. You see? The acerbicity is already rising within me... and that's not even a word.

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Sarah said...

I managed to pick it up in my car in Ashton-under-Lyne. We heard the last 3 of the top 40. No. 2 was somewhat... cheesy - the Whitney version was bad enough!