Mar 28, 2007

Even dental mouthwash drowning victims will be listening to Fat Roland on Refresh 87.7FM

Some old radios

The spirit of the late Tony Blackburn lives on. No, not that Tony Blackburn; he's still alive. I'm talking about Anthony Blackburn*, the Cirencester hospital radio DJ who died in a pool of dental mouthwash in a terrible, terrible medical accident.

I'll be burbling my way though radio shows from this weekend. Refresh FM is a radio station which plugs Christian music, and for the fourth year they have allowed me and my co-presenting ferret Lee loose in their studio.

Lee and I try to bring something different to the broadcasts. Although a Christian viewpoint informs the our general outlook on life, I like to think we're both a bit left of field from that culture. I'm sounding poncey now, so here's when you can hear me.

It's all on 87.7FM in the Manchester (UK) region:

  • Wesley Owen chart show. The first three Sundays of April, 12 noon - 2pm. Manchester's top selling Christian albums, as based on weekly sales at Wesley Owen Books & Music.

  • Late Breakfast Show. Every weekday for the first two weeks of April, 9am - 11am. Banter and thoughts for the day with my fabulous co-presenter Caz. I'll be job-sharing this with Lee, so don't expect to hear me every day, no siree.

  • The Quite Early Show. Every weeknight for the first two weeks of April, 9pm - 11pm. Vague silliness and games. Except for Wednesdays when it's Theatre Of Noise, which involves loud guitars and destruction.

  • Wind Down. Every weeknight for the first two weeks of April, 11pm - midnight. Chilled out acoustic to send you to sleep I'll be on every other night; Lee's doing the other days, so we can take shifts sleeping like what they did in the war.
Oh and I'll be DJing under my name Eyan not Fat Roland. Just so you know.

I'd like to dedicate all of my shows to Anthony Blackburn**, who no doubt will be listening from his brightly coloured watery grave. I must toodle off; the children in South Park are trying to understand transubstantiation. Stan: "Jesus didn't want us to eat him so he turned himself into crackers?!"

*doesn't exist

**still doesn't exist

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