Oct 7, 2013

Paul McCartney died in 1966

Thank my MC Hammer pants for YouTube. Without this excellent source of information, I would never have learned that Paul McCartney popped his clogs in 1966.

An old video called Mystery About Paul McCartney's Death Or Putative Death compares low-quality pictures of Paul and his replacement "Faul" (a portmanteux of 'faux' and 'Paul') and also encourages conspiracy theorists to listen to the Beatles backwards and pay special attention to the messages hidden in the cover of Sgt. Pepper. It seems, over time, his appearance has somehow changed.


The comments add valuable additional information. Feel free to read these in the best Adam Buxton voice you can muster:
"My eyes change color from time to tile green to blue blue to brown brown to green then the cycle goes on again it probably has to deal with genetics"
"You man have a lots of spear time in your life. Why you just don't do something more constructive with your life instead of creating this bs video?"
"I was not that good looking in high school, but I am real sexy now, my facial features got more defined and my hair is long and works for me and i got a handle bar mustache, late bloomer, but the better times are just starting, cause im a man, ty lord ,peace"
I also have a lot of spear time, and being real sexy now I thought I would look for more replacement blokes in popular culture. The evidence, I think you'll find, is utterly compelling. From my literally-minutes of research, I can only conclude that everyone famous died in 1966. Even ones born in 1987 and, perhaps, 1974.


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